Lightfield Iris

1. Is Lightfield Iris a replacement for the Lytro Desktop application?
No. It's an extension to the functionality. We are not allowed to connect to the Lytro camera directly, so you'll import your pictures with the Lytro Desktop software.
Lightfield Iris gives extra flexibility in modifying Lytro pictures (straighten pictures, color adjustments, effects, frames...), and allows you to share it to the Lytro site and at lot more.

2. Lightfield Iris for Windows?
Sorry, there is no Lightfield Iris for Windows planned. We are more focused on Mac OSX and iOS than on Windows. Most of the used filters are also using some Core Image manipulations that are not available (in that form) on Windows.

3. Does Lightfield Iris modify my Lytro Desktop Image database?
No. The application will read the Lytro Desktop database and will NOT modify the pictures or the data in the Lytro database. When you first click on an image in the Lightfield Iris browser, we will copy the data over to the Lightfield Iris folder (under Pictures). All modifications you see in Lightfield Iris are done on these copied pictures. You can clear these Lightfield Iris pictures under the File menu.

4. Does Lightfield Iris supports multiple Lytro Desktop databases?
Yes. You can switch between databases through the File menu or at the top of the browser pane.
We see Lightfield Iris as a view on the Lytro Desktop application.

5. Can I delete the Lightfield Iris folder when it gets too big?
Yes. You can always delete the folder. We will recreate the folders when needed. Of course this means that some pictures will need to be copied again... which is not always what you want. You can also clear these Lightfield Iris pictures under the File menu.
In the preferences you can even tell Lightfield Iris to remove all pictures when the folder is bigger than e.g. 5 GB.

6. What images and image sizes can I use for custom frames?
The best way to go is to make your custom frame image the size of the picture. This is 1080 x 1080 pixels.
We prefer a .png file, as you need the transparency in the image.
The image will be resized to fit 1080 x 1080 pixels.
The image will be drawn over the modified picture using the transparency in the image.

7. How come you have All-in-Focus images of all pictures?
Because we create it for you. Lytro introduced All-in-focus pictures in the 3.1 release of the Lytro Desktop application. Basically this means that if your picture has created perspective shift (parallax) pictures, the centered picture is used as the all-in-focus picture. All perspective shift pictures are all in focus.
Lightfield Iris creates an All-in-Focus picture from all the available refocus images. This way you always have an All-in-Focus picture.

8. With which Lytro Desktop application version(s) are you compatible?
We are compatible with v3.x and v4.x. You can set the compatibility in the Preferences. The previous versions have a completely different database setup.
As you can get the Lytro Desktop application for free from Lytro, we only support the latest version(s).

9. What is this cross eyed 3D view?
We thought it would be nice to add it. We don't have any idea how many people are into this.
At least it gives the people who like and use it, the possibility to easily share it online.
You can get more info here:
- Cross-eye pair
- 3D without glasses, Cross-Eye HD

10. Why are there sometimes problems when uploading to the Lytro site?
Because there is no official supported interface to do this. We are probably the first company that sells software that creates a Lytro (.lfp) file, besides Lytro. The workaround is to create a .lfp file and import it into the Desktop application, from where you can always upload it.